If you are attending the Central Florida Witches Ball, please read below and understand how the event will run. 

You can check starting at 3pm on Friday and Saturday and 12pm on Sunday.  You'll be hanging out in a holding area until the gates open.  You will receive an armband to be able to leave and return through out the day.

You will be parking down a dirt road and on the side of a main road.  There will be parking attendants showing you where and how to park, when you arrive.  Please be patient.  There will be no charge for parking.

Drinks will be for sale at our Tinker Tavern.

We ask that you drink responsibly and we hold the right to cut you off, if we feel it is necessary.

There will be onsite undercover police officers and our own security, in case there are any issues. 

This event is outdoors at our private property event space, Isle of Valhalla.  Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for rain, this is Florida. 

We are a PG13 rating for the Witches Ball.  So, please be aware of this when purchasing your tickets as there are no refunds.