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Central Florida WItches Ball 2022

ORLANDO, FLORIDA/ Florida’s premiere horror convention, Spooky Empire, in association with Tea and Tarot Emporium and Events and StoryTailors present the Central Florida Witches Ball, with a gothic dance party and live stage show this October at the Orlando Convention Center called Saturday’s Song.


Saturday’s Song will be an energetic and entertaining look into the gothic world of the witches hosting the 2022 Central Florida Witches Ball, as they welcome their newest initiates from covens across the land. It will be a night to test the abilities of these apprentices, and to celebrate their induction into the Conclave … but there are whispers of a big, bad darkness brewing in the shadows. Will the Conclave’s circle remain unbroken? Will the recruits survive the challenges they'll face as they race to join this secret society of Witches? Or will Lady Saturday—the Blood Witch—get the last laugh … or bite?


Saturday’s Song will be performed by professional actors from the Central Florida area, and will feature fun characters, rocking songs, high-octane dance, thrilling aerial acts, intense combat, mystifying magic, and more, as it details the backstory of both the Witches Ball and the eerie enchanters that present it.


The production will be presented twice during the Spooky Empire Convention and will be held in the West Hall F– Room 4 in the West Concourse of the Orlando Convention Center. On Friday, Oct 21, from 8pm – 11pm, attendees can enjoy the show, exclusive vendors, drink specials, and a DJ spinning gothic dance music at the afterparty. On Sunday, Oct 23, from 12pm – 2pm, a discounted rate will allow guests to attend the show only.


Additionally, there will be a late-night Witches Cabaret on Saturday, Oct 22, from 11:00PM to sometime past the witching hour, where the colorful cast of conjurors will sing, dance, and make all sorts of mischief. Admission to the Witches Cabaret is bundled with tickets to the Spooky Empire VIP Party or can be purchased separately.


Spooky Empire has been delivering the best sights, sounds and screams to Halloween lovers since 2003. A rock n roll, horror, Halloween, tattoo, and film festival all rolled into one monstrous event, Spooky Empire is the ultimate convention weekend for fans that enjoy the dark side of comic con! 


The Central Florida Witches Ball is comprised of Tea & Tarot Events—a metaphysical entertainment event company and retail store, and StoryTailors Events & Entertainment—a local company specializing in creating custom immersive entertainment experiences.

  • WHAT:, an immersive dance party and live stage show with song, dance, aerial acts, stage combat, magic, and more.

  • WHEN:Friday, October. Oct 21, 2022

    • 8pm – 11pm with vendors open 1pm – 6pm and 8pm - 11pm

    • Saturday’s Song performance, exclusive vendors, drink specials, and  afterparty.

    • Admission: $40.00

Saturday, October. Oct 22, 2022

  • 11pm – 1am

  • Witches Cabaret

  • Admission: $20.00

Sunday, October. Oct 23, 2022

  • 12pm – 2pm

  • Saturday’s Song performance only

  • Admission: $20.00

  • WHERE:Orlando Convention Center

        9800 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

       West Hall F – Room 4


Contact Information:


CJ Jackson, Creator and Event Producer

Phone 407.259.5359

Website www.cflwitchesball.com

Weekend Agenda:


Friday, October 21, 2022 (Pre-sale Cost: $40 Per Adult, $30 per Child under the age of 16) 

At the door prices: $45 per adult and $35 per child under the age of 16

              1pm - 6pm:  Doors Open to Ballroom for vendors (Free Entrance)

              6pm - 8pm:  Room closed for Event Set Up

              8pm:  Doors open (must have ticket to enter) and DJ Necromancer spinning and vendors open

              8:15pm:  Opening Halloween Ritual w/Magical Michelle Orwick and the Fae Court

              8:30pm:  Act One

              9pm:  DJ Necromancer Spins

              9:15pm:  Act Two

              9:45pm:  DJ Necromancer Spins

              10pm:  Act Three

              10:30pm:  DJ Necromancer Dance Party


Saturday, October 22, 2022 (Pre-sale Cost: $20 Per Adult, $10 Per Child under the age of 16)

At the door prices: $25 per adult and $15 per child under the age of 16


             11pm:  Witches Conclave Cabaret


Sunday, October 23, 2022 (Pre-sale Cost: $20 Per Adult, $10 Per Child under the age of 16)

At the door prices: $25 per adult and $15 per child under the age of 16


            12pm:  Saturday Song:  A Witchy Musical Performance



Meet The Team


CJ Jackson

Producer & Co-Creator


Heather Tafel

Stage Manager


Chelsea Hoilman

Artistic Director


Jen Garrison

Marketing and Sponsorship Director


Cy Sugita

Vendor Manager


Joanie Diprizio

Co-Creator, Creative Director, Choreographer


Claresa Martin

Event Director, Enlive Events


Andy Cowen

Technical Director


Rich Sieland

Head of Security


Pete Mongelli

Spooky Empire