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Learn the long and colorful history of our High Council.


laird Timbre

aka The Monarch of All Glens, The Last Lady of the Weeping Glen and the Rhyming Witch, is the de facto Leader of the Furies.  An Earth Witch of Untold Power, Laird Timbre became a Supreme in the late 1600's and has adjucated for the Conclave since then with an even hand and a keen since of Justice.  She s known for being fair...but fearsome if angered.

Fun Fact:

Some say that Laird TImbre is forced to rhyme, all the time, as a result of an ancient curse.  Others claim its because she is a direct descendant of the Queen of the Fairies, Titania


madame Mente

Madam Mente, aka the Divine Diviner, Siren of the Third Knot,

and the Undine Witch, is the heart of The Furies—in every sense

of the word: passionate, comforting, loving… but sometimes cold

and implacable. Like the chaotic element to which she is bound,

Madam Mente often appears calm on the surface, while forces

at play within her prove the adage that still waters run deep.


Fun Fact:

Some think that Madam Mente

is a descendent of the ancient goddess Calypso,

while others claim that her bloodline

can be traced back to Sycorax—known  

from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


baroness Alto

Baroness Alto, aka the Burning Witch, the Maiden of the Ashen  

Grove, and the Branded Belle-dam, has earned repute among

The Furies for being as unpredictable as that fiery element which

governs her. Known to be quick to anger, but just as quick to

laugh, she parties like a rockstar, judge, jury, or executioner.

The Baroness is definitely a friend to have… and a foe to fear.


Fun Fact:

In October of 1871, Baroness

Alto—just a newborn—was discovered amidst

the still smoldering ruins of The Great

Chicago Fire, alone, covered in

ashes and soot, but unharmed.


mx Bromios

Mx Bromios, aka Mama Bro, the Supreme of Ceremonies, and

the Blue Moon Witch, is the official spokesperson for The Furies.  Herself a powerful Supreme, Mx Bromios presides over the daily  affairs of the Council of Witches, acts as the group’s liaison with  the mortal world, and joins The Furies in decisions that impact       the entire Conclave. Mama Bro is Highwitch for the initiates.


Fun Fact:

Mama became an Air Supremein the 1700’s by completing the Seven Wonders

over a period of 19 years—one

Wonder performed on each Blue

Moon of the Metonic Cycle!

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